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Professional Associates

Professional Associates

The Akribos team of Professional Associates include a number of former superintendents, assistant superintendents, principals, university administrators and supporting professionals representing all phases of the contemporary educational endeavor.  These professionals are widely recognized and highly respected in their respective areas of expertise and professional practice.

Innovative Partnerships

Innovative Partnerships

The Akribos Group has entered into a series of innovative partnerships to expand and enrich our depth of expertise and service delivery in the areas of educational research, strategic planning and grant seeking education, programming and management. The individuals and institutions that we have engaged in these partnerships are nationally recognized and highly respected in their respective areas of professional interests and practice.

Guest Contributors

Guest Contributors

The Akribos Group has introduced a publication, entitled “Thought Leader” specifically designed to motivate, inspire, and support those who currently serve or aspire to serve in positions of leadership. We fully recognize the challenges confronting leaders in today’s professional climate and we are prepared to offer expert opinion and relevant commentary from highly acclaimed and seasoned professionals who have lived the leadership experience.


The Akribos Group

Akribos, a Greek term, meaning more accurately, more exact, and more thoroughly investigated, clearly reflects the professional work ethic and commitment that we have embraced at The Akribos Group. We are a professional consulting practice specializing in accurate and precise research-based solutions through strategic planning applications, innovative organizational design, expert leadership training and highly effective professional development services. The work of The Akribos Group is filtered through the lens of experienced educators and supporting professionals representing all phases of the educational endeavor. The Akribos team of Professional Associates, in conjunction with our innovative planning and research partnerships, offer a broad and diverse perspective, extending from the classroom all the way to the boardroom. These professionals are impeccably credentialed and highly-respected in their designated areas of expertise and professional practice and they recognize the critical need for projects delivered on time and within budget. We invite you to explore our website to learn more about our professional team, innovative partnerships and the menu of professional services that we are equipped to provide.

We also invite your attention to our digital newsletter publication entitled Thought Leader, specifically designed to provide timely and informative content for those who aspire to or currently serve in various positions of leadership. Through this publication we are prepared to offer expert opinion and relevant content designed to inspire, motivate, and support your efforts as you navigate your own professional journey.

Thank you for your interest and we trust that you will enjoy your online experience with the Akribos Group!


Spotlight on Leadership
Superintendent Position Opening

Read about a new Superintendent Position Opening, submitted by: Dr. Barry Carroll, Akribos Professional Associate.

Tue Oct 22 08:21 AM

Franklin Schargel

Forty-four percent of classroom teachers are leaving the educational field in five years. They are leaving almost as quickly as Colleges of Education are graduating them. The professional life expectancy of school administrators is three years, except in inner-cities, in low-performing, minority or rural schools – where it is 18 months.

Mon Oct 14 09:32 PM

Strategic Pathways

A leader’s ability to maintain high-performance expectations buttresses the strategic thinking and enlivens the vision for success.

Mon Oct 14 09:21 PM

Dr. Dee Fowler

The Akribos Group is pleased to announce that Dr. Dee O. Fowler has joined our team of Professional Associates, specializing in the areas of leadership development, coaching, and evaluation.

Mon Oct 14 09:17 PM

Leadership Lessons

Leadership is, without question, one of the most widely discussed topics in our contemporary business and professional culture. Scholarly types have offered numerous theories regarding the identification and development of potential leaders and their focus has often been on leadership traits, leadership style, and leadership performance. How effective leaders provide direction, how they implement plans, and especially how they motivate others are among the most highly valued, observed, and examined characteristics of leadership practice.

Mon Oct 14 09:16 PM