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Introducing: “Thought Leader”

For those of us who have had the privilege to serve, we know that leadership is far more than a designated position or title. We clearly recognize that what got us there doesn’t necessarily keep us there and effective leadership is all about the capacity to motivate, inspire, and facilitate productive efforts among our followers. Specifically, progressive leaders must possess a compelling vision, the ability to articulate that vision, and the capacity to mobilize people and the required resources to make their vision reality.

Leadership also entails its own unique set of challenges, some universal and others unique to specific roles, responsibilities, and work environments. These emerging and presenting challenges can be both highly-complex and numerous, requiring a healthy perspective, perseverance under pressure and ultimately the sheer courage to lead!

It is from this vantage point that we, at The Akribos Group, are providing a new publication, entitled Thought Leader, specifically designed to motivate, inspire, and support those who currently serve or aspire to serve in positions of leadership. We have carefully chosen this title because we believe that thought-leaders are the real game-changers who move and inspire others with innovative ideas and possess the leadership capacity to translate those ideas into reality. We fully recognize the challenges confronting leaders in today’s professional climate and we are prepared to offer expert opinion, relevant commentary, and cutting-edge professional networking opportunities from highly acclaimed and seasoned professionals who have lived the leadership experience.

We are pleased to offer this newly enhanced resource for your ongoing professional growth and personal development!

Dr. Faron L. Hollinger
President & CEO
The Akribos Group

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