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Human Resources

The Akribos Group is a professional consulting practice specializing in accurate and precise research-based solutions through strategic planning applications, innovative organizational design, expert leadership training and highly effective professional development services. The work of The Akribos Group is filtered through the lens of experienced educators and supporting professionals representing all phases of the educational endeavor. The Akribos team offers a broad and diverse perspective extending from the classroom to the Board Room.

The Akribos team includes former superintendents, assistant superintendents, university administrators, educational psychologists, K-12 principals, and other recognized experts in the areas of educational leadership and planning, personnel administration, measurement and research, instructional design, program evaluation, information technology, media relations, communication and community engagement. The Akribos Professional Associates are both recognized and highly respected in their respective areas of expertise and professional practice and they recognize the critical need for projects that are delivered on time and within budget.


Human Resources

  • Capital Systems Audit
  • Screening & Selection
  • Professional Development Systems Audit
  • Arbitration/Mediation Services
  • Policy Development