The Akribos Group is a professional consulting practice specializing in accurate and precise research-based solutions through strategic planning applications, innovative organizational design, expert leadership training and highly effective professional development services. The work of The Akribos Group is filtered through the lens of experienced educators and supporting professionals representing all phases of the educational endeavor.  The Akribos team of Professional Associates offer a broad and diverse perspective, extending from the classroom all the way to the board room. These professionals are impeccably credentialed and highly-respected in their designated areas of expertise and professional practice and they recognize the critical need for projects delivered on time and within budget. We invite you to explore our website to learn more about our professional team and the menu of professional services that we are equipped to provide.

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With a background in Educational Psychology, Dr. Hollinger has served in public schools for more than three decades. Learn More


From Needs Assessment to Growth & Facilities, planning for the future is an important part of any educational or business organization. Learn More


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Introducing Akribos Professional Associate, Dr. Dee Fowler

The Akribos Group is pleased to announce that Dr. Dee O. Fowler has joined our team of Professional Associates, specializing in the areas of leadership development, coaching, and evaluation. Dr. Fowler is recognized in Alabama and the southeast as an innovative and progressive

Leadership Practices for Strategic Planning

By: Dr. Ruth Ash and Dr. Pat Hodge Strategic thinking involves critically evaluating the school or district in totality to make the best decisions for using limited resources and employing successful practices at all levels (Horwath, 2009).  According to Liedtka (1998),

Bullying on the Rise

The beginning of the school year brings lots of new things – new clothes, new friends, new schools to attend and new incidents of bullying. The Washington Post reported (July 16, 2019) that a report filed by the National Center for Education Statistics, that online bullying and

Same Page vs. Right Page

What is more important to team performance, being on the right page or being on the same page? Many business journals celebrate those who continue to make the “right” decisions. We applaud the captains of industry who get things right every time (even if we have


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