The Whole Educator Series

The Whole Educator Series - Innovation

By: Dr. Faron L. Hollinger, Akribos Founder & CEO


As a part of our research partnership with The University of Alabama College of Education, The Akribos Group is pleased to offer our enthusiastic support for The Whole Educator Series. The program was conceptualized and founded by Dr. Greg Benner, O’Sullivan Professor of Special Education, and Implementation Science at The University of Alabama, who is a recognized leader in Whole Child transformation programs. Following a decade of successful program implementation in Washington State school districts, Dr. Benner is currently focused on developing whole child initiatives to strengthen and support educational programming in Alabama and the southeast. The stated mission of the program is to facilitate sustainable change in schools and communities so that every child is whole-healthy, safe, challenged, supported, and engaged. We invite your review of the content provided and go to for additional information.