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The Innovative Programming Research Collaborative

The Akribos Group and The Office of Evaluation Research and School Improvement (OERSI) with The University of Alabama’s College of Education’s have formed a strategic partnership – The Innovative Programming Research Collaborative (IPRC) – to provide educational research support and strategic consulting services to educational organizations, institutions, and nonprofits. The IPRC combines The Akribos Group’s wealth of educational leadership experience, professional knowledge, and practical expertise, with the deep content knowledge and research expertise of the OERSI and the broader community of experts within The University of Alabama. Our goal is to be the premier provider of research-based preparation, strategic consultation, and professional support services. We are committed to innovative practice and comprehensive organizational improvement and we have the collective knowledge, experience, and expertise to assist organizations as they improve translation into practice. We are the team uniquely equipped to meet your needs!


– Educational Planning
– Funding Need Determination and Funding Development Plans
– Grant Writing, Implementation, and Compliance Services
– Grant Writing and Evaluation Workshops
– Organizational Effectiveness & Efficiency
– Accountability Research and Planning
– Student Achievement and Improvement
– Program Research & Development
– Program Implementation Guidance
– Program Monitoring and Evaluation
– Rapid Cycle Quality Improvement
– Assessment Research and Services
– Leadership Strategies
– Research-Based Professional Development
– Student Growth Projections
– Demographic Studies
– Additional Challenges as Identified

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