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Look Ahead!

For those of us who have had the privilege to serve, we know that leadership is far more than a
designated position or title. We clearly recognize that effective leadership also entails its own unique
set of challenges, some universal and others unique to specific roles, responsibilities, and work
environments. These emerging and presenting challenges can be both highly-complex and numerous,
requiring a healthy perspective, perseverance under pressure and ultimately the sheer courage to lead!
We also recognize that positive outcomes are worthy of the effort required and on the road to success,
the rule is to always look ahead. As you endeavor to lead, may you reach your desired destination and
may your journey be both productive and rewarding. Happy New Year and best wishes for great success
in 2018!
“Your most important work is always ahead of you, never behind you.”—Stephen Covey

Dr. Faron L. Hollinger
President& CEO
The Akribos Group

About the Author
Dr. Faron L. Hollinger worked in the field of public education for over three decades, serving as a teacher, school psychologist, various administrative positions, and ultimately as superintendent. He has been the recipient of multiple awards for his professional contributions and accomplishments and has also served as an invited presenter for state, regional, and national conferences. Dr. Hollinger is now President/CEO of The Akribos Group, an educational research and consulting firm, as well as Executive Director for The University of Alabama Capstone Education Society Board of Directors.

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