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Introducing Strategic Pathways

We are pleased to announce the official launch of Strategic Pathways, an innovative strategic planning partnership that combines the deep and powerful experience and expertise of The Akribos Group, Dr. Faron Hollinger, President/CEO, and Education Solutions, Dr. Ruth Ash and Dr. Pat Hodge, founding partners. Strategic Pathways facilitates strategic planning that is research-based, engaging, forward thinking, and focused on results.  Our collaborative processes help school districts and their stakeholders give life and action to their plans and move their desired strategies forward. We also recognize the critical need for projects delivered on time and within budget.



Basic One-Day Strategic Planning Session

Pre-Planning Process

Conduct Online Survey

Planning Process


Review/Revise Vision

Identify Role of School Board in Community                                               

Identify Beliefs                                                          

Conduct Environmental Scan (SWOT)                                 

Develop Strategic Principles              

Develop Goals/Objectives

Design Implementation Plan

Post Planning Process

Develop and Draft Plan Outlining Key Results of the Day

Review Plan with Superintendent and Team Leaders

Meet with Board and Superintendent to Review Results

Additional Strategic Planning Services

Conduct community, parent, staff, and student focus groups.

Facilitate first meeting with action teams.

In addition to our foundational strategic planning services, Strategic Pathways can also deliver experienced support services to address numerous fundamental strategic challenges faced by school districts:

  • Professional Development for district leaders, faculty, and staff
  • Strategic thinking and problem solving
  • Consensus building & Conflict Resolution Services
  • Continuous improvement support
  • Growth and Demographic Research
  • Strategic Communication Plans
  • Organizational Culture: Evaluation, Growth, and Development
  • Academic audits
  • Financial reviews
  • Facilities reviews
  • Restructuring and transition facilitation
  • Data analysis and effective utilization of results
  • Branding
  • Continuous improvement support
  • Baldrige National Quality Award Facilitation
  • Human resources support
  • Evaluating and improving information technology systems
  • Establishing effective partnerships
  • Building powerful learning organizations
  • Student Equity and Diversity Training
  • Successful Grant Writing, Procurement, and Sustainability Practices

Additional Training and Services

Strategic Pathways also can offer professional training with specific presentations throughout the year or in Summer Policy and Planning Conference breakout sessions, as follows:   

  • The Board’s Role in Monitoring Strategic Planning
    • What Success Looks Like: Markers for District Accomplishment
    • Questions Boards Should Ask About Using Data
    • Questions Boards Should Ask About Improving Student Achievement
    • Five Critical Practices to Improve Student Learning
    • Grant Writing: Winning Proposals & Sustainability
    • Understanding Strategy and Strategic Thinking
    • The Recruitment and Selection of Superintendents and Principals Who Increase Student Learning
    • Community Relations
    • Determining the Direction of Your School District
    • How School Boards Can Support Innovation
    • Effective Communication Planning & Practice
    • Leadership Lessons from My Rearview Mirror
    • Five-Star Leadership for Defining Moments
    • True Confessions from Recovering Superintendents
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