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Introducing Guest Contributor, Robin Huebner

Robin Huebner is a Licensed Independent Social Worker (LICSW) and educator.  Her work focuses on social and economic justice policy solutions for individuals, families, and communities.


She is CEO of Access Professional Group, which responds to funding challenges by convening a curated group of experts specifically assembled to respond to the unique challenges of educational and nonprofit organizations to meet the needs identified by the front- line staff and administrators.


As faculty at The University of Alabama, she was instrumental in the Interprofessional Education (IPE) movement, and developed experiential and problem-based simulations and Interprofesional Grand Rounds (IPGR) as part of VA Rural Health Training Grant and HRSA training grants.


Prior to her faculty position, she coordinated a 20 million-dollar U.S. Housing and Urban Development HOPE VI revitalization grant in Tuscaloosa, AL which provided safe and affordable housing and case management services to families with low income as part of an overall community effort to improve severely distressed housing communities.


Robin is skilled grant writer, instructor, group strategist, and facilitator, with specific focus on creating tolerance and acceptance in the work environment to allow investment from within the organization.


Robin received her undergraduate degree in sociology from the University of South Alabama, and her master’s degree in social work from The University of Alabama.  She is married to James Huebner, who is an entrepreneur and social worker.


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